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Image processing IP (Intelligent Pixel Engine)
IPE Concept

  • Accelerates OpenCV, OpenVX etc API's, and can provide engine for users algorithm.
  • Low power consumption for embedded uses (1/10 compared to software processing).
  • High performance low latency for automotive use.
    Full HD image processing simultaneously on 4 channel (operating at 200MHz), Line unit latency (micro sec. order).
  • Scenario based coding to simplify algorithm (GUI coding possible), Can be controlled separately from CPU so resource arbitration not necessary.

LEGO type engine

Other IPs
General purpose IP

  • Compact high performance GPU (P-Cube)
    VLIW type SIMD processor easily customizable (number of processors, number of registers, instruction set, operator types etc.).
  • General purpose cache/MMU implementing internal SDRAM control (E=mc2)
    (Number of masters, number of slaves, cache construction), Setting (Memory Map, priority) are all variable.
  • High performance audio signal processor using floating point precision (ASP)
    Multitude of audio can be individually filtered (N scale FIR), Rate transform, Modulation, and mixing at arbitrary volume.

Evaluation Board
Evaluation Board

Board Spec

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