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Implementing the image processing algorithm

Various image processing algorithm can be implemented flexily.


Simple Canny filter can be implemented by using comp engine twice.
(Label engine is used when line traced in hysterisis needs to be accurate.)

[1st pass]

Canny filter

[2nd pass]

Canny filter 2pass

Hough transform(Straight line extraction)is performed by P-Cube by generating characteristic image, and implemented by scanning of high luminance points by comp (Can obtain the slant and segments of straight line). Here provide sample code of P-Cube.
The loop will be initiated by micro packet processor, so the user just needs to provide parameters of the engine as program.

 [1st pass] cycle=2 commands×Screen size /processor num.

Hough 1pass

 [2nd pass] cycle=7 commands×Extract num./processor num.

Hough 2pass

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